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4 Free Browser Games For 4 Different Types Of People

Posted on September 5, 2017  in Free Browser Games, General

Bored at work or bored at home, but don’t want to move away from that laptop. Thinking about a way to pass the time? Browser games are the answer. When fun calls your browser its home, why look for entertainment elsewhere? Here is a short list of video games that can be played on a decent browser, for free! Each game has been carefully selected to appeal to different types of people. From classic video game lovers to academic loving players, there is a game for every taste preference.

  • Geoguessr

This one is for all those people who just can’t get enough of geography. The aim of the browser game is to guess the area or location you are in. The brilliant video game allows a player to walk around a particular area chosen from Google street view. Once the gamer has had a feel of the spot, they have to guess the place. This is done clicking on the guessed location on a world map. The game then shows you the actual location. It will also tell you how far or close you were to the real place from the one you guessed.

  •    The Wiki Game

This game is for trivia-loving people. It is also for the academicians and for individuals who hate to waste time on pointless yet fun things. The objective of the game is to find a given article on Wikipedia. The only way to do so is to click on links provided on other Wikipedia entries. A clicker on the left side of the browser keeps a tab on the number of clicks it should take to reach the goal. Sounds simple? It isn’t, and it is very, very addictive. The Wiki Game is one of the most productive methods to kill time.

  • Civilization

Yes, this is the classic game developed by Sid Meier.  Yes, it is for free. Yes, one can play it on a browser. This is an open- source version of the game made for the original gamers. A turn-based strategy video game, this eternal favorite contains all the features of the original game. Even the music of the Civ. online is the same as the original version. Classic lovers, this one is for you.

  • Dust

This game is for the chemistry buffs. It is for those who love to experiment with things. Always wondering what happens when A mixes with B? Then Dust is for you. A java-based video game, the goal of is to combine elements to test the consequences. One can choose from dozens of naturally occurring substances like acid, vine, bubbles, ice, water, powder, fire, etc. The game is like stimulation for testing the ways things interact.  Once you get started, it is hard not to try just one more interaction and wait for the consequences

Pick any of the games, and we are dead sure that boring desk work or the tedious house chore will be long forgotten. Kill time, enjoy a game and even learn a few new things!